AgraSlat™ Manure Treatment Dispenser


  • 12 AgraSlat™ Manure Treatment per package. Dispensers not sold individually.


  • 12 AGRASLAT dispensers/case
  • Slim dispenser profile: 15 1/4″ x 4″ x 7/8″
  • Fits between slats
  • Proprietary blend of microbial isolates
  • Patented time-release technology
  • Biodegradable, corn-based
    resin dispenser


  • Engineered for use in filter barns
  • Slim dispenser drops through any slat to
    the bottom of the pit
  • Works when there is no access point for
    applying the AgraSphere
  • Liquefies slurry
  • Reduces crusting
  • Reduces sludge layer to improve
    storage capacity
  • Reduces flies and odor
  • Makes pumping easier
  • Two applications per year
  • No mixing required
  • Cost effective


Swine Nursery, Grower, Finisher

LESS THAN 12 in. of retained bottom sludge

  • Add 2 AGRASLATS for every 200 head*
  • Repeat every 180 days

MORE THAN 12 in. of retained bottom sludge

  • Add 2 AGRASLATS for every 200 head*
  • Repeat every 90-120 days to reduce sludge (Once less than 12 in., repeat every 180 days)

Deep pits containing more than 12 inches of retained bottom sludge

  • Add 1 AGRA SPHERE for every 200 grower/finish pig spaces
  • Repeat every 90-120 days until sludge levels are reduced to less than 12 inches
  • Once depths are reduced to less than 12 inches, repeat every 180 days

*Place AGRASLATS evenly throughout the system

Swine Farrowing, Gestation, Breeding

  • Add 2 AGRASLATS for every 80 head
  • Repeat every 180 days

Crusted Systems

  • Do not add AGRASLATS when containment areas have firm, heavily-crusted accumulations
  • Use ACTIVATOR PLUS prior to AGRASLAT placement for heavily-crusted accumulations
  • Follow label directions and add AGRASLATS once crust has been liquefied


  • For Beef Applications please call your Bioverse Consultant at 1-877-948-0303 for further assistance

TREAT TOTAL CAPACITY. Every application needs to be applied at the Total Pit Capacity

All systems may need multiple treatments to return the storage system to normal operational efficiency. Contact Bioverse’s service management team for additional assistance.