Agra-Biocide is a natural insecticide for agriculture, farm and home control of mosquitos, black
flies and waste nuisance flies. Easy to use, safe and effective.


Before applying, calculate the square footage of the area to be treated in square feet;

Length x Width = Total Square Feet



Apply evenly over the surface area at a rate of one pound of Agra-Biocide for each 110 square feet of surface area.

A 1,000 to 1,200 head grower finisher barn will require 80 pounds (2 40-pound bags) of Agra-Biocide per treatment.

Repeat treatment dose in 7-10 days.

CONTROL (after initial treatment):

Repeat every 14 days as needed for control after initial two treatments.

Farm and Home

Apply evenly over areas where mosquito habitat and organic matter is found. The treatment
dosage is required where high larval concentrations may be found, such as polluted standing
water and high algae concentration areas. Control applications should be followed after the
treatment dosage.


Apply evenly at a rate of 10 to 20 pounds of Agra-Biocide/acre (43,5 60 sq. ft.)

CONTROL (after initial treatment):

Apply evenly at a rate of 2.5 to 10 pounds of Agra-Biocide/acre (43,560 sq. ft.)

Usage: Read all Agra-Biocide bag and label instructions before using. Results are based on
dosage levels. Best results are seen when the maximum treatment dose is used with first
application of product.

DO NOT apply to drinking water containment areas or water receptacles intended for human use. For additional product information, please visit