Activator Plus


ACTIVATOR PLUS is made for the inoculation, activation, and maintenance of agricultural waste storage systems. It contains specifically selected microbial organisms that inoculate, activate and enhance the breakdown of suspended organic solids found in nutrient rich retention waste and sludge.


Calculate storage volume: Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons

Crusted Waste Systems

DOSAGE: 1 lb of ACTIVATOR PLUS per 100 square feet of crusting/foaming surface area

Application Directions:

  • Break the crust layer (puncture holes) before adding the ACTIVATOR PLUS solution
  • Mix 1 lb of ACTIVATOR PLUS with 2 gallons of water and apply evenly over area to be treated
  • Repeat every 14 days until the top crust is liquified
  • After normalization treat with AGRA SPHERES or ACTIVATOR PLUS per label directions

Pull Plug/Flush Systems

DOSAGE: 0.25 lbs of ACTIVATOR PLUS per crate or every 50 square feet of area

Example: 50 crate farrowing pit will need 50 x 0.25 lbs ACTIVATOR PLUS = 12.5 lbs of ACTIVATOR PLUS per treatment

Day 21-28 – after flush repeat day 1 dosage plan

  • Repeat every 21-28 days until pits flush clean
  • Treat directly after flushing when waste residue is moist
  • Add 1 inch of water to the flush pit prior to treating
  • Add ACTIVATOR PLUS to the pit as a solution, mix 1 lb of ACTIVATOR PLUS with 1 gallon of water and apply evenly
  • Wash excess solution into the pit
  • Allow all disinfectants to dry prior to treatment
  • Add AGRA SPHERES for maintenance to external storage
  • Once cleaned, repeat twice yearly or as needed to maintain treatment performance

Deep Pit Containment

DOSAGE: 100 lbs of ACTIVATOR PLUS per 1,000 head swine grower/finisher, 400,000 gallon storage capacity or 1 lb of ACTIVATOR PLUS per 150 square feet of surface area

Day 1 – 100 lbs ACTIVATOR PLUS

  • Add 1 lb of ACTIVATOR PLUS to 2 gallons of water
  • Apply the mixed solution evenly to the waste holding surface area
  • Repeat in 10-14 days with 50 lbs of ACTIVATOR PLUS if top layer is not liquified
  • Yearly treatment recommended at pump out time by adding 50 lbs directly to the containment facility on final agitation