About Us

In 2003 Dr. Conrad Schmidt of NutriPro Bio Systems in Worthington, MN was hired by New Fashion Pork (NFP) of Jackson, MN to design a natural livestock waste treatment system. In doing this, NFP required that this treatment be both effective and economical with the main goals being liquefy solids and reduce crusting. This was required because the older barns at NFP were beginning to build up with solids to the point that they needed to be pumped twice per year. Through many tests and trials, a livestock waste treatment plan was created.

On January 1st of 2011, Bioverse Inc. of Pipestone, MN purchased the livestock waste treatment line of products and all associated findings from Nutri Pro Bio Systems. Today there are five products available for sale. These are the Agrasphere, Agrasphere LGT, Activator Plus, Activator Plus LGT, Digester CF and Compost Plus.

The Agrasphere is the industry’s new gold standard due to its innovative delivery method. The use of the biodegradable dispenser along with the patented blend of bacteria and microbes are very easy to use. Placing the Agrasphere at the bottom of the livestock waste storage systems has been one of the keys to our success. Currently, the Bioverse Products are available for purchase through Hog Slat, Hubbard Feeds, Farmer Boy Ag and QC Supply. We are very excited about this product line and the results that we are achieving in livestock waste systems and lagoons.

Conrad Schmidt, DVM

Dr. Schmidt graduated from the University Of Minnesota, College Of Veterinary Medicine. For 30 years he was an owner and staff member of a large veterinary practice specializing in production animal medicine. Dr Schmidt has received various honors from the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, and state associations, for his leadership position in the animal production industry.

As a partner in the Veterinary Medical Center PA of Worthington Minnesota, he served as the President of Oxford Veterinary Laboratories as well as Senior staff member for the clinic. Dr Schmidt served as a Vice President of UpJohn Animal Health, as well as Pharmacia. In 1987 Dr. Schmidt was recognized by the State of Minnesota as the entrepreneur of the year.

Currently Dr. Schmidt is President of C.B. Schmidt and Associates LLC., a company that is engaged in developing leading edge technologies that enhance the animal production industry. Dr. Schmidt’s primary areas of expertise are in animal nutrition and food animal diagnostics, food safety; swine heard health and production, foreign animal disease, as well as animal identification and movement.